Dental Fillings

Your teeth are a very important organ of your body helps in chewing. But it’s is not a smooth structure all through. Your tooth is made up of different grooves, pits and fissure where all the food gets stuck and can’t be cleaned by normal brushing.

It looks like a black mark on your teeth requires urgent attention. Because once ignored this cavities can increase further and can reach the pulp and can cause pain. Dental fillings mean removing all the infected portion of tooth using a small micro drill and refill it with a filling material which will be strong enough to withstand the strong masticating forces.

To fulfil it, earlier a metal fillings were used for a long time but now as and when the Morden dentistry came, it gives all the dentists new materials as the old restorative materials came with lots of disadvantages, like un Aesthetic, microleakage etc. Nowadays at The dream smile dental spa, we use Modern equipments to check the severity and treats them with the best quality restorative material which is completely Asthetic and comfortable with a warranty on the fillings.